Name Research topics ~~~~~~~~~~
Euphy Wu Detecting allelic imbalance of transcripts in bulk RNA-seq
Wancen Mu Allelic imbalance across groups of cells in scRNA-seq;
Multi-omic analysis of single cell data; Overlap enrichment analysis
Ji-Eun Park Mutational signatures and risk factors in breast cancer;
Co-supervised with Di Wu
Kwame Forbes @kwame_forbes Integration of single cell expression data for exploration of bulk DE analysis


Love lab graduates

Doctoral students

Name Research topic Current position ~~~~~~~~~~
Sarah Reifeis @sarah_reifeis Exposure effects with confounding Eli Lilly
Scott Van Buren scRNA-seq quantification uncertainty Harvard FAS Informatics
Arjun Bhattacharya @bhattac_a_bt TWAS for breast cancer outcomes; Multi-omic strategies in TWAS: MOSTWAS; Compressed sensing for deconvolution: DeCompress Postdoc in Pasaniuc lab
Sean McCabe @SeanMcCabeBIOS Multi-omics visualization: movie; LDA of isoforms: actor Postdoc in Lin lab
Anqi Zhu
Differential analysis in RNA-seq; Developed apeglm, swish, mrlocus 23andme

Masters students

Name Research topic Current position ~~~~~~~~~~
Alexandre Lockhart Identification of mutational signatures via targeted sequencing Rho Inc.


Name Research topic Current position        
Amanda Tapia Colocalization of QTL and GWAS Li lab member
Joshua Zitovsky Fast implementation of apeglm for allelic expression ratios Kosorok lab member

Friends of the lab

Name Research topic School (lab)  
Avi Srivastava
Fast mapping, scRNA-seq quantification Stony Brook University (Patro)
Hirak Sarkar
Selective alignment,
scRNA-seq simulation,
transcript grouping
University of Maryland (Patro)
Stuart Lee
Human centred approaches to data science,
tidy range operations
Monash University